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Friday, Oct 07, 2011

Steve Jobs – creative ‘genius’, Apple Co-founder and innovative businessman. These are just some terms the grieving public have tagged to Job’s name. gives you a closer look into Jobs life with these 8 things that you probably did not know about Steve Jobs:

1. Early life and childhood

Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco on February 24, 1955. He was given away at birth by his mother who wanted him to be adopted by college graduates.

He was supposed to be adopted by a lawyer and his wife who decided at the last minuted that the wanted a girl instead. So Jobs was given to a couple named named Clara and Paul Jobs who lived in California.

His adoptive father – a term that Jobs openly objected to – was a machinist for a laser company and his mother worked as an accountant.

Later in life, Jobs discovered the identities of his biological parents. His estranged father, Abdulfattah John Jandali, is a Syrian Muslim immigrant to the US. He left the country when he was 18 and is presently a vice president of a casino in Reno, Nevada.

His birth mother, Joanne Schieble (later Simpson) was an American graduate student of Swiss and German ancestry and later went on to become a speech language pathologist and eventually married.

While Jobs reconnected with his mother in later years, he and his father remained estranged.

2. College dropout

The brain behind the most successful company in the world never graduated from college. Jobs attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon but dropped out after a single semester.

He told a graduating class of Stanford University that he did not see the value of spending all of his working-class parents’ savings on college tution when he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life.

He continued, however to “drop in” on classes that interested him, including a calligraphy class he cited as the reason Macintosh computers were designed with multiple typefaces.

In the famouse 2005 commencement speech to Stanford University, Jobs said of his time at Reed: “It wasn’t all romantic. I didn’t have a dorm room, so I slept on the floor in friends’ rooms, I returned coke bottles for the 5 cent deposits to buy food with, and I would walk the seven miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple.”

3. Lied to his Apple co-founder about a job at entertainment software company Atari

Did you know Jobs played an essential role in making the popular and influential video game ‘Breakout’ created by Atari.

When Jobs was an employee of Atari he was tasked with creating a circuit board for the game. He was offered $100 for each chip that was eliminated from the game’s final design.

Since Jobs had little knowledge of or interest in circuit board design he struck a deal with Apple co-founder and friend, Steve Wozniak. They were to split the bonus evenly between the two of the, if Wozniak could minimize the number of chips.

Wozniak reduced it by 50 chips which resulted in a $5,000 bonus. But according to Wozniak’s own autobiography, Jobs told Wozniak that Atari had given them only $700 and that Wozniak’s share was therefore $350.


4. His sister is a famous author

Steve Jobs first met his biological sister in 1986. Mona Simpson (born Mona Jandali) is the well known author of ‘Anywhere But Here’ – a story about a mother and daughter that was later made into a movie starring Natalie Portman and Susan Sarandon.

After reuniting, Jobs and Simpson developed a close relationship. When speaking about his sister, Job told a New York Times interviewer: “We’re family. She’s one of my best friends in the world. I call her and talk to her every couple of days.’

‘Anywhere But Here is dedicated to “my brother Steve.”

5. Celebrity romances

It is written in two unauthorized biographies of Steve Jobs, that he had a relationship with American fold singer Joan Baez. Baez confirmed the the two were close “briefly,” though her romantic connection with Bob Dylan is much better known (Dylan was the Apple icon’s favorite musician).

The biography also notes that Jobs went out with actress Diane Keaton briefly.

6. His first daughter

Jobs had his first child when he was 23 with his high school girlfriend Chris Ann Brennan. Lisa Brennan Jobs was born in 1978, just as Apple was on the rise in the tech world.

He and Brennan never married, and Jobs reportedly denied paternity claiming he was sterile in court documents. He went on to father three more children with wife Laurene Powell. After later mending his relationship with Lisa, Jobs paid for her education at Harvard.

7. Alternative lifestyle

According to Jobs hinted at his early experience with the hallucinogenic drug LSD. Jobs said in an interview about Microsoft founder Bill Gates that he thinks if Gates would be a “broader guy if he had dropped acid once or gone off to an ashram when he was younger”.

In a book interview, Jobs called his experience with the drug “one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.”

Jobs travelled to India to visit the well-known Kainchi Ashram from which he went back to the US as a Zen Buddhist.

Jobs was also a pescetarian who didn’t consume most animal products, and didn’t eat meat other than fish.

8. His fortune

Jobs only earned $1 a year when he was the CEO of Apple. He kept his salary as $1 since 1997, the year he became the company’s lead executive. Of his salary, Jobs joked in 2007: “I get 50 cents a year for showing up, and the other 50 cents is based on my performance.”

In early 2011, Jobs owned 5.5 million shares of Apple. After his death, Apple shares were valued at US$377.64 (S$491.838) – a roughly 43-fold growth in valuation over the last 10 years that shows no signs of slowing down.

Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011
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Hackers Against New World Order

Hackers Against New World Order

I recently came across this article while looking to see if I could find socalled hackers that are aware of the New World Order, and are fighting back, instead of the “patriotic” hackers who are attacking “terrorist” and arabic websites I keep reading about… This article is from 1993…

“…This article is written to educate fellow hackers/phreakers and software traders on what will be happening in the future in regards to computers and electronic communication. This is only a short article and only a few things have been included by varies sources etc… ”

                                ###     ###
                                 ###   ###
                      ###   ####  ### ###  ###   ####
                      ###    ###   #####   ###    ###
                      ###    ###    ###    ###    ###
                      ###    ###   #####   ###    ###
                      ##########  ### ###  ##########
                                 ###   ###
                                ###     ###

                         Underground eXperts United


         ####### ## ##      #######     # #    ####   #######  ####
         ##      ## ##      ##         #####     ##   ##         ##
         ####    ## ##      ####        # #      ##   #######    ##
         ##      ## ##      ##         #####     ##        ##    ##
         ##      ## ####### #######     # #    ###### #######  ######

      [Hackers Against The Governments New World Order]  [By FreeStyle]


      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
     |_|                                                           |_|
     |_|      Hackers Against The Governments New World Order      |_|
     |_|                        Part I                             |_|
     |_|                                                           |_|
     |_|                   by : FreeStyle                          |_|
     |_|                                                           |_|
     |_|       CIA - Citizens Intelligence Agency Production.      |_|
     |_|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|_|


       This  article is written to educate fellow hackers/phreakers  and
       software  traders  on  what will be happening in  the  future  in
       regards to computers and electronic communication. This is only a
       short article and only a few things have been included by  varies
       sources etc... It also involves the  recent busts which have been
       happening   Australia  wide  and the  tapping of the phone  lines
       on a number of  bulletin  boards.
           This  article  is not to be taken lightly and  also  involves
       details on how we "The people can fight back" against the system
       which is designed  to  suppress the individuals rights  to  learn,
       think, privacy.
           This is not a manual on how to hack a system or how to phreak
       without  getting caught, but rather a political  statement  about
       how  society is being manipulated by our very own government  and
       their  role in the total monitoring of all people in the  future.
       if  you would like detailed information on how to hack/phreak  or
       whatever  then  you can still obtain access to a  number  of  H/P
       bulletin  boards which are still operating in Australia and  also
       overseas's, there you will find what you require.

       " The people are the power, bring back the power to the people "

       We  live  in  a  society which  is  dominated  by  computers  and
       electronic  gadgets  to  help  us  in  our  everyday  lives.  New
       technology  is  being  invented  or  improved  upon  every  year.
       Computers are being widely used in nearly every business, school,
       and  the home, in fact nearly everything you can think  of.  With
       computers  we are faced with new crimes such as  Fraud,  Hacking,
       phreaking,  theft  etc..  These  laws were made  up  by  our  own
       government  to protect the rights of it's people in  society,  or
       where they ?
           The  question  must  be asked , are  the  governments  really
       protecting  our lives, rights etc.. The answer to  that  question
       will be determined by you the reader of this article, but let  us
       face the facts for now. Documents have been obtained to what  the
       government is really up to and how society fits into their  plan.
       These  documents explain conspiracy up to the highest  levels  of
       the  government  in stopping certain knowledge falling  into  the
       publics view. The ultimate goal is the monitoring of every single
       individual and also a one world government, economy and in effect
       a total system of control over it's people. All these things  are
       being  slowly brought to our attention and migrated into our  way
       of  life every year. The UN which we now read about in  the  news
       papers are going to be the one world government in the future. In
       effect  this  means that the united states government  will  have
       total  control, After all the UN headquarters is located  in  New
       York.  Big business will play a vital role in the  monitoring  of
       the  people as well as government  agencies,  telecommunications,
       large  mining corporations, banks etc.. have more power over  the
       people that what we are lead to believe.

                         Australian Governments Role

          Australia  is one of the leading countries operating  secretly
       towards  the New World Order.  Monitoring  of  the  people  of
       Australia has increased dramatically over the pass 10 years.  The
       government  tried to introduce the I.D card but too  many  people
       rejected  their  plans, so they brought out the tax  file  number
       instead.  Everyone  has a large file about  themselves  which  is
       linked  up to the government agencies across Australia.  Students
       are  monitored with either the Tax file number, Austudy  or  just
       applications you must fill out to enter a course. It is very easy
       to   monitor  large  numbers  of  people  now  because   of   the
       introduction  of  large computers and also  their  networks.  Our
       government is actively co-operating with other governments around
       the  world and exchanging data on it's people. This  is  illegal,
       but know one seems to care or notice, after all the key to  power
       is knowledge.
           Camera's  are  everywhere  nowadays, not only  are  we  being
       monitored by shop camera's but we also have speed, red light, and
       even  football camera's which are a nice means of  raising  money
       and  also  gathering  information.  Should  we  believe  our  own
       government  when it is common knowledge that they lie to  us  and
       that even our police force is very corrupt and are able to  kill,
       bash, drink and drive, etc.. and then turn around and say that we
       must obey their laws. Our government is using the media to play a very important role in advertising to us killings, rappings, etc.. so that we the people then turn around and say that "We need tighter laws etc.." This is exactly what the government wants and needs to implement it's plan of total control.
       Documents  obtained  form varies sources on Milnet  show  clearly
       what  the  United  states  and also  other  countries  have  been
       researching  for  many  years  and that  is  ELF  (Extremely  Low
       Frequency) weapons against certain people. This research  project
       is  so  well  advanced  that it will be  for  the  normal  person
       unbelievable.  Research has been done and put into affect on  how
       ELF  affects  the brain waves of people, animals and  all  matter
       itself.  This  research  has also been used  to  change  people's
       thought patterns and is being used to manipulate people in varies
           Cellular phones have been introduced for many years now,  and
       are  a  great form of monitoring society. Everytime you  turn  on
       your  cellular phone telecom know exactly where you are  all  the
       time,  also how long you have used the phone for etc... The  same
       also goes for normal house, business phones. Customer details are
       all  processed by large computer data bases and are passed on  to
       governments  agencies when needed. People are using credit  cards
       all  the  time  nowadays  which makes  it  much  easier  for  the
       governments to keep track on what people are buying etc.. Noticed
       how  we  are slowly losing our 1c 2c coins ? also other  coins  ?
       this  is  a slow process of weaning out coins and taking  on  the
       credit   cards  as  normal.  Why  ?   well  it's  because   every
       transaction you make using credit cards go into a large  computer
       in  banks etc.. and therefore it is much easier to store data  on
       the people who use them. Cash payments are the biggest worry  for
       the  government, because they don't have much control over  thing
       like that - but in the future their will be no cash anyway. Large
       corporations  buy data off other agencies. E.g. - each  time  you
       use  your credit card, your purchase is logged and also how  much
       you payed etc.. Now the product companies come along and buy this
       information  off  banks, super markets etc... to  see  who  buy's
       there  products  and also how their products are going.  This  is
       also  illegal  because  it is invading your  privacy,  don't  you
       worry,  the  government knows EVERYTHING about you.  What  colour
       hair   you   have,   Size,  dental  records,   car   you   drive,
       working/studying, food you eat, animals you own, phones you have,
       money, house's, etc... We pay rates on almost everything now  and
       all  that  information about us goes into a  government  agencies
       computer  data base. They are even trying to see what garbage  we
       throw out now. (they are trying to put electronic monitors on our
       bins)     The   government  are  the  real   criminals.   Private
       information about it's people are being given to other  countries
       and  also  other agencies, companies etc.. Information  is  being
       withheld from the public, special deals are going on secretly all
       the  time. We even have a corrupt police force who love to  kill,
       bash,  and  also drink drive. (it seems they  are  different  law
       enforcement,  their law).  We now have news in the paper that  we
       even  have  to get our cats registered. Is this a form  of  money
       raising for the government as well as monitoring. Anyone who  has
       been pulled over by the police will know how many questions  they
       have  to  answer  before being let go. Even if you  are  not  the
       driver  of the car etc.. you are forced to tell them  everything.
       You are under no legal means to do so, but they WILL enforce you.
       Also  isn't  it  quite strange that the head  of  government  run
       Telecom was one of the bosses of At&t (The US company). maybe  he
       is teaching Telecom a thing or to about how to monitor people and
       organize  the control much better. We all know that 0014  numbers
       and  008  numbers  are being logged, but are unsure  as  to  what
       reasons. If their reasons of phreakers, hackers were valid,  then
       why not just put filters on the line etc.. to stop these  people.
       Ahhh  they have to monitor the lines and see who is calling  what
       companies.  Also the the American NSA (National Security  Agency)
       owns  over three quarters of the cray super computers, these  are
       the  biggest, fastest computers in the world. Why on earth  would
       they  need to own even half of these computers ??  Monitoring  of
       all  people  in society is the answer. They  even  sold  computer
       software  to  countries  all around the world  which  had  trojan
       horses in them, so they could access it remotely themselves.  The
       software  was also one of the fastest, most capable  software  on
       the market for the purpose of monitoring large amounts of  people
       in  society.  The middle east has remained so unstable  for  many
       years due to the fact of other nations pouring millions into  the
       countries  to de-stabilize the whole of the middle east,  why  ??
       The answer is simple, the first biggest bankers in the world came
       from  the middle east, because of the oil wells etc..  They  held
       the  balance of power within the banking world. America  did  not
       like  that, and also the other countries in the New World Order
       didn't  like  that  either, so the whole  middle  east  has  been
       de-stabilize and are fighting one another. YET who are  supplying
       these  countries  with  the arms to fight  ???  America,  France,
       Germany,  Australia,  etc..  most of the countries  who  are  now
       against them. I will not go into any of this political side of it
       as it would take far to long to explain about it. Anyway we  have
       in  Australia a special police task force which is setup  by  the
       government   to   look  into  the  so   called   "Normal   police
       corruption", isn't this crazy, we have the police monitoring  the
       police  !!   They have shown themselves to be so  corrupt  anyway
       that it's a joke. Look at all the current affair shows of how the
       police  have  bashed people, have drunk  and  driven  themselves,
       etc..  It's like the blind leading the blind..  We all  know  how
       corrupt  the police are in NSW and also WA, so what makes it  any
       different in Vic or NT (anywhere) only they have not been  caught
       enough YET !! Many police have told me that once your out of  the
       public  view  your history.. But these days they do not  seem  to
       even  care  about  bashing you behind their walls.  Look  at  the
       Rodney  King  bashing, and also many others.. they take  the  law
       into  their own hands and the government is letting them.   Never
       trust  a  politician, they are the biggest liars on  this  earth.
       They  say  they are going to do this and that and  end  up  doing
       something  different, or not doing it at all. The  last  election
       was proof of that, (no promise has been kept)
       Who  do  we  have   monitoring   the governments actions ?
       no one really, so that's where the hackers role will have to come

                     Hackers & Phreakers can fight back.

            Many bulletin boards have been raided by the federal  police
       recently,  also  many boards have there telephones  tapped  in  a
       controlled  affect  to  close down the threat  of  the  future  -
       Hacking,  Phreaking,  Anarchy Information. The  governments  have
       realized that as computers grow bigger and networks expand a  lot
       further, there must be a need to protect THEIR privacy (which  is
       really  all the data collected on us) and that is why  there  has
       been a sudden push forward to catch the hackers, etc..  Criminals
       are  just starting to realize that their old methods  of  getting
       information  etc.. are out of date. It is the computer  age  now,
       and  that is why hackers (good ones) are in upmost demand by  the
       most  criminals  in  jail/outside these days.  Image  the  damage
       hackers  can do by breaking into government /  military  computer
       systems.  We  are  able with the right  knowledge  and  equipment
       infiltrate these networks and obtain the information on what  the
       government  is  up  too. We can see  what  the  governments  have
       acquired  information about us. Police computers would be a  very
       useful  tool  in  the  hackers  arsenal.  Hackers  can  find  out
       information  regarding everyone, put out warrants for the  arrest
       of  people  etc.. Drug enforcement computer systems would  be  an
       advantage  for the drug dealers etc.. Military systems  would  be
       helpful  to certain hackers to obtain classified  information  on
       the latest technology and use it to there advantage. Hackers  can
       break into media computer systems and change the news etc..  This
       is  why  hackers are going to become the next  generation  of  SO
       CALLED   criminals.  Hackers  have  the  power  to  monitor   the
       government - and they don't like it !!!
           That is why the governments realize to stop the threat of the
       hackers  spying  on them, then first of all they  must  stop  the
       hackers  at  the  very heart on the situation, and  that  is  the
       telephone  (dialing  out.. why wait until the hacker  has  logged
       into a system before you catch him/her. Get him/her when he makes
       the  call).  AT&T  is in the middle of trying  to  clean  up  the
       european  countries at the moment, and they will be in  Australia
       in  the near future. Telecom is doing a great job  in  monitoring
       the phreakers etc.. they are currently investigating hundreds  of
       overseas's  callers and also local callers and are informing  the
       government  of  these people activities. The 0014 -  direct  dial
       U.S.A number is being monitored, and most calls are being logged.
       Also  most  008 numbers are logged and cli monitors  are  on  the
       line.  Some  0014 numbers are logged out of every ten  people  it
       will  record the last one. Also the federal police have  quite  a
       few  informers  who have accounts on top boards who  are  feeding
       then information on certain users etc.. Also I have heard a rumor
       (not  reliable) that there are some federal police who operate  a
       board in N.S.W and also Victoria and that they are operating  it,
       just like a normal BBS, but when certain users get too big,  they
       get  busted. The future looks bad for the hacker at the moment  -
       or is it ?  We hackers phreakers, software traders must not  back
       stab  each other, compete against each other, etc.. BUT  we  must
       form a united information network against the government, we must
       collect information, trade information between ourselves. We must
       realize  that  we  have the power and  technology  to  watch  the
       government  and  see what they are REALLY up too.  We  must  form
       global  networks, such as future net, HSI etc.. and email  across
       the  world with our friends. Only by realizing this power can  we
       start  to break down the walls of the governments of our  society
       and bring them back into reality, and let them see for themselves
       that  the  people  do  have  a voice and  that  we  will  not  be
       suppressed manipulated for any longer.

           " Bring back the power to the people "

            - Stop the New World Order, before it's too late -

  uXu #151             Underground eXperts United 1993                uXu #151
                       Call RIPCO ][ -> +1-312-528-5020

PandaLabs, the antimalware laboratory of Panda Security – The Cloud Security Company – has released its 2010 Annual Security Report, which details an extremely interesting year of cyber-crime, cyber-war and cyber-activism. The full report is available at:

In 2010, cyber-criminals created and distributed one-third of all existing viruses, creating 34 percent of all malware that has ever existed and been classified by the company. Panda Security’s proprietary Collective Intelligence system, which automatically detects, analyzes and classifies 99.4 percent of all malware received, currently stores 134 million unique files, out of which 60 million are malware (viruses, worms, Trojans and other computer threats).

Despite these dramatic numbers, the report highlights some good news. PandaLabs discovered that the speed at which the number of new threats is growing has actually decreased when compared to 2009. Every year since 2003, new threats grew by at least 100 percent every year, but in 2010, the increase was approximately 50 percent.

Banker Trojans still dominate the ranking of new malware that appeared in 2010 (56 percent of all samples), followed by viruses and worms. In addition, a fairly recent newcomer to the malware landscape, rogueware (fake antivirus software) already comprised 11.6 of all the malware gathered in the Collective Intelligence database, and has become a category, that despite appearing only four years ago, has created great havoc among users. For a visual representation of the breakdown of malware categories, please visit:

The countries leading the list of most infections are Thailand, China and Taiwan, with 60 to 70 percent of infected computers (data gathered from the free scanning tool Panda ActiveScan in 2010). To see a graph of how other countries ranked, please visit:

2010 witnessed hackers exploit social media, the positioning of fake websites (BlackHat SEO techniques) and zero-day vulnerabilities as its primary methods of infection. Spam also kept its position as one of the main threats in 2010, despite the fact that the dismantling of certain botnets (like the famous Operation Mariposa or Bredolab) prevented many computers from being used as zombies to send spam. This created a positive effect in spam traffic worldwide. Last year, approximately 95 percent of all email traffic globally was spam, but this dropped to an average of 85 percent in 2010.

2010: Cyber-crime, Cyber-war and Cyber-activism

2010 was truly the year of cyber-crime, cyber-war and cyber-activism. Although cyber-crime has existed for many years, cyber-war became a much more active and aggressive part of the malware landscape. The most notorious was Stuxnet, a new worm that targeted nuclear power plants and managed to infect the Bushehr plant, as confirmed by the Iranian authorities. Simultaneously, a new worm appeared called “Here you have,” that was created by a terrorist organization known as “Brigades of Tariq ibn Ziyad.” According to this group, their intention was to remind the United States of the 9/11 attacks and call for respect for the Islamic religion as a response to Pastor Terry Jones’ threat of burning the Quran.

And even though some aspects are still to be clarified, Operation Aurora was also in the spotlight. The attack, allegedly launched from China, targeted employees of large multinationals by installing a Trojan on their PCs that could access all their confidential information.

2010 also witnessed the emergence of new phenomenon called cyber-protests or hacktivism. This phenomenon, made famous by the Anonymous group, is not actually new, but grabbed the headlines in 2010 for the coordinated DDoS attacks launched on copyright societies and their defense of WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange.

Social Networks in the Spotlight

Besides offering information about the main security holes in Windows and Mac, the 2010 Annual Security Report also covers the most important security incidents affecting the most popular social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter were the most affected, but there were also attacks on other sites including LinkedIn and Fotolog. There were several techniques used for tricking users on these sites, such as hijacking Facebook’s “Like” button, stealing identities to send out messages from trusted sources, exploiting vulnerabilities in Twitter to run Javascript code and distributing fake apps that redirect users to infected sites.

The full report is available at Visit the PandaLabs blog for more information about these and other threats.

Source:[Panda Security]