Stealing cell fone network

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Okey this one’s gonna be a quicky tut on how to make ua no signal sign turn into full signal on ua mobile… This works on all mobiles which my friends eva had cos i tested many times on thier mobiles… Every morning i get up and see that cell tower infront my house and wish there was a way to steal the hell outta those signals… i use docomo.. and the signals are like hell…. so here we go…..
First of all let me tell u how exactly these small tricks work ….. The programmers who programmed those towers are smart enough to write tunndd (awesome) algorithms and wat we are doin is to kinda exploit those C or C++ codes used in tat tower ……. For tat u first need to understand the logic bout priority……..


“I like a light touch, a sensitive piano. My wrists aren’t that strong, and if I have to hack too hard, they start breaking down. Fortunately, after playing something like that I take a break and have a drink, or move over to the accordion, or just stagger off the stage until my arms recover.” by

Signal priority

The truth is ua cell phone operator cannot serve everyone of his customers… and thats obvious…. some lakhs of customers and hundreds of towers = no singal !!! So here comes the smart play of software engineers…… they devised a small schema based on who is using the network more at that moment and who isn’t .. the person using more will be served wid the best signal and the person who aint using = no signal !! and its very simple.. here is the pseudocode fa that (a pseudocode is normal language coding from this u can translate into any lang u want C or C++ or Java or anything..)

// A loop for the entire block to ensure the program checks the user priority time to time…

log all the numbers using our network;

flush/delete no’s which aren’t using network at regular intervals;
provide the network fa the above sorted out list;

How did i get to know this ??? .. I didn’t open the box or something… i jus tried to see wat happens if i send a huge chunk of msg to my friend and some oda trail-and-error-method …..

Exploiting the above code:- before doin something one should knw tat every cell phone sends a small msg to the near by tower and gets the info bout the tower and all… so wat we have to do is Type in a large message in ua msg editor and select the contact u want to send the message but don’t press the “send” button … wait for 2 mins and then exit the editor and bingo !! u’ll have fun network … how this works :- Ua cell will send a signal to the nearest tower bout the status of the cell fone … if its idle u’l loose the network but ua sending the msg so the tower gives u full signal………… there are many methods like givin missed calls or calling our own number and all .. but this one is the simplest…..


(1) U lose ua network —> u open the message editor and type in a huge message like this –>


(2) Ur cell fone will regularly send the status signal to the nearest tower…. this time if doesn’t send the idle signal so the tower tends to provide u the full network and expects u to send the msg ……

(3) U simply select the contact and will keep ua fone fa 1-2 mins like that without pressing the “send” button ……

(4) from 2nd step …. ull get the full signal as soon as u exit from the editor after 1 min…. 😉 …no sending message nothing \m/ .. Now try this out weneva u don’t have signal .. 😛

I believe in simplicity, may it ruin my life


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