100 (Geeky) things to do before you die


Well, I don’t intend to write the full list, I’m going to list geeky things I’ve done (and am proud of), and as for the rest, I’m going to rely on community support.

1. Work for more than a week on a personal (unpaid) project, during all waking hours.
2. Gain a more than unhealthy addiction to coffee, and a vampiric aversion to daylight and human contact (ok, maybe I’m not so proud of that one)
3. Use Linux more than Windows
4. Use two computers at the same time
5. Expect everyone else to, naturally, know what you’re talking about
6. Run a localhost webserver to save FTPing time
7. Write a programming language
8. And use it
9. Have more friends that are programming languages/concepts than people
10. Try to conform to W3C guidelines
11. If the wheel isn’t rolling, reinvent it
12. Work as a programmer
13. Dream a computer program
14. Start a list of “Geeky things to do before you die”

And some ‘geeky’ things to do, until you die:

1. Learn something everyday.
2. Don’t listen to anyone who thinks they know better than you
3. Listen to people who do know better than you
4. Don’t expect everyone to be interested in everything you are
5. Help others; if you know what you’re doing.
6. Don’t spend too long thinking.
7. Always remember, there’s a real world, and it isn’t running on an Intel chipset
8. Add more to these lists.


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